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beautiful story, fantastic characters, amazing art style.

The perfect VN for any fan of anime, romance, or comedy

As a fan of all things romantic, The Light Music Clubs BAD DAY nails it in by delivering you a outstanding RomCom with a likeable cute cast that makes every route and choice feel natural never leaving any character or concept behind.
The overarching story and main character are easily relatable without being too on the nose, you will find yourself laughing, tearing up, or smiling like a dumb school girl while playing this VN

This honestly has to go down as one of my favorite pieces of digital media i've ever consumed.

The 18+ patch is also free off-site so you can still get the "Full experience" if you wish. But the dialogue during the character routes is more then enough to get your heart pounding.
The game realistically depicts its characters motivations, much to the benefit of the more romantic and lovy-dovey scenes.

So if you are a fan of "this kind of stuff" The Light Music Clubs BAD DAY will guide you down a funny and romantic story that will stick you for days.

Put in some effort you trog, this game deserves better than you.

wdym i wrote more then you you wrote like 2 sentences you need to put more effort into your post 

This is quite possibly the best game ever made. Darksouls? garbage. Final Fantasy 7? Trash. Lego Starwars? Filth. the emotional roller coaster this game will take you on will give you whiplash. 

Well what can be said about The Light Music Clubs BAD DAY that hasn't already been said its creative, fun and most importantly replayable they are tons of endings that im not gonna spoil here but be sure to donate to the patreon for more quality content from these developers